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Tanks 2 is a turn-based classic online flash game, and its concept has been used in lots of other games too. The number of players range from two to four, and each of them can be “Human” or “Computer”. There are several terrains available, including grassland, desert, snow, etc. This can be selected in the menu before starting the game. The difficulty levels are “Easy”, “Medium”, and “Hard”, and it is also possible to turn the special effects and the sound on and off in the menu. The game is controlled exclusively by mouse. There are two cursors on the screen. One of them is for adjusting the angle of the canon of the tank, and the other for adjusting the power of the bullet, which increases and decreases the range of shooting. It is also possible to move left and right by clicking on the related buttons on the screen. However, each movement consumes one unit of fuel, and the fuel is limited. The aim of the Tanks 2 game is to hit all the other tanks and destroy them. If a player is hit by a bullet, depending on the place it is hit, their life will decrease and if it reaches zero, the tank will be destroyed.

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